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Self-Help Products

Who knows 'you' better than yourself? YOU DO! That's why self-help products are so popular. The CDs that I sell have been developed and recorded by myself - Dr. Cathy Moser (a Clinical Psychologist).

Stress Management

Soothe Your Stress

Guided Imagery will give you a 25 minute holiday of comfort, and encourage you to take charge of your life so that you no longer react to stressors in a harmful way.

Stress Management

The content of this CD is based on the serenity prayer: God grant me the serenity to accept the things I cannot change, the courage to change the things I can, and the wisdom to know the difference.

People are often stressed out by the actions of people and events over which they have no control. This CD will help you appreciate how important it is to give up trying to control events over which you have no control; it will encourage you to develop the strength and courage to take charge of what you can control; and, it will help you develop the wisdom to know the difference. Once you accept that you cannot control everything in your world, worry and anxiety fade away. You will then have the energy and strength to work at controlling the things that you can.

Overcoming Anxiety

Ease Your Worries

This CD provides a course of Cognitive Behaviour Therapy that can be learned in the comfort of your own home and practiced wherever you are and whenever anxiety is experienced.

Overcoming Anxiety

This CD will teach you how to overcome anxiety, both physically and mentally.

The underlying causes of anxiety are explained so that you can better control the mind-body connection. Guided relaxation exercises will teach you how to control the physical symptoms of anxiety – allowing you better control of both your body and mind.

Pain Management

Find Your Relief

Listening to this CD when you are exhausted is like hitting the refresh button – you will have renewed energy to cope with your physical condition and to better enjoy the positive experiences that are available to you.

Pain Management

This CD is designed for people who want to know how to reduce acute sensations of pain, and for people who want to take a break from chronic pain.

Guided imagery will help you relax the painful areas – this in itself will significantly reduce the experience of pain. It was also teach you how to minimize the amount of attention that you pay to pain, so that you can better enjoy other experiences in your life.

Healing Crohn’s and Colitis

Rejuvenate Yourself

Listening to this CD when you are exhausted will replenish your resources so that you have more energy throughout the day.

Healing Crohn’s and Colitis

This CD will teach you how to reduce the stress and bodily tension that exacerbate symptoms of Crohn’s and Colitis.

Guided imagery will help you relax areas of discomfort – this in itself will significantly reduce the experience of pain. It was also teach you how to minimize the amount of attention that you pay to discomfort, so that you can better enjoy other experiences in your life. The CD will guide you through a visualization process that can alter the internal workings of your body to promote healing.

Overcoming Test Anxiety

Take On Your Test

Understanding the Cognitive Behaviour Therapy principles that are taught in this CD will help you understand how your thoughts can 'bring it on' (i.e., anxiety) and how you can shut it off.

Overcoming Test Anxiety

Test anxiety can be debilitating, and the consequences can be costly.

This CD will explain the causes of anxiety, and help you identify the factors that are contributing to your symptoms. It will teach you how to diminish the physical symptoms of anxiety. With practice, you can reduce the symptoms of anxiety and panic while listening to the CD.

You will also learn how to apply these techniques to reduce in the test/exam setting.

My Choice My Life - Realizing Your Ability to Create Balance in Life (Softcover Print)

Make the Right Choices

My Choice My Life will help you implement balance in your life by showing you how to make the right choices in every stage of your life.

My Choice My Life - Realizing Your Ability to Create Balance in Life (Softcover Print)

Ever wonder how you can exercise regularly, eat healthy, manage stress at school or work, and spend time with people most important to you? Feeling good about yourself and the choices you make can help you cope with the uncertainty in life. It is a matter of the choices you are making every day. You can choose how to live your life; determined and successfully. Paying close attention to yourself and your choices can influence how you live your life and respond to others.

MY CHOICE - MY LIFE: Realizing Your Ability to Create Balance in Life attempts to spell out what choices can be made during your teens, twenties, thirties, and beyond that will help you implement balance in your life. Throughout the book tools, tips, and strategies are presented to help you see that life is not going to be easy. Uncertainty is normal, experiencing hurt is bearable, and above all you can be okay; happy, fulfilled, and in control of how you think. Life will deliver punches, but you can embrace them and enjoy each moment you are given.

The intention of the book is to prepare you for what is coming, or what has already arrived that may be holding you back from reaching your desired level of balance and preferred happiness. No one said it was going to be easy, but it is possible.

About Our Self-Help Products

Who knows 'you' better than yourself? YOU DO! That's why self-help products are so popular. The CDs that I sell have been developed and recorded by myself - Dr. Cathy Moser (a Clinical Psychologist). The CDs are based on techniques and tools that I use in therapy sessions with clients.

Although they are very effective for some, they are not beneficial for everyone. Before therapists and therapy tools were so readily available, there was a different process for accessing help. You called a friend, or a family member, and you asked for help! If that wasn't enough, you went to your Physician; and if that didn't solve the problem, you were referred to someone who specialized in the type of problem you were dealing with.

Times are a little different now - friends and family are still there - but because of the fast pace of life that most of us lead, we don't connect as often. Physicians often fill a different role - more of a clearinghouse for referral to specialists, rather than the person in your life who guides you through your challenges in physical- and mental- health. Fortunately, there is a wealth of information out there about every imaginable disease/disorder on the internet, in print, and in other types of auditory-visual media. It's so easy and it makes so much sense.... the first step in your journey begins with research. Sometimes, the journey ends there and you find the answers that you are looking for. If that's not enough, it's wise to talk to friends and family members for advice. If that's not enough, it's time to bring in the 'professionals' - either through direct contact or through the self-help materials that they've developed. Finally, if that's not enough.... it's time to invest in the face to face therapy process in one way or another.

I liken the hiring of a mental health professional to the use of any professionals. If you have a toothache, you wouldn't fill it or pull it yourself, would you? If you have a very complex income and expense situation, you wouldn't do your own taxes - most likely, you would ask for consultation from an Accountant. Of course, you could do it yourself - but chances are, you would miss something, and it could wind up costing you more money than you would have paid for the professional. So... when your problems are relatively uncomplicated, it's OK to try and tackle them yourself. Your job is to then do the research and obtain the necessary information to help you (i.e., advice from friends, internet information, self-help materials). If that doesn't help, the investment in seeing a real live professional is well worth the cost (of your time, energy, and money).

Some people are stubborn (myself included), and will do everything possible to solve the problem themselves. Others are too shy/embarrassed/proud/afraid to reach out, or they have had a bad experience that has jaded their view and squashed the hope that their problem can be solved. If you are that person.... please don't stop there. I promise you, there are ways to feel better. Sometimes you just have to keep on searching to find the right tools and the right people to guide you in the use of those tools.

Our CDs

The CDs that I sell can be one of the tools that you use in the quest for health and happiness. I can't say that they will be enough, nor do I want to. But for some people, they can be a helpful accompaniment to other tools you find helpful in the journey to becoming a healthier, happier, and stronger 'you'. They are not for everyone - and even for those who find them beneficial, there can be a process of training your mind to quiet down in order to obtain the benefits. In fact, for some, the mere process of training your mind to quiet down and stay focused is one of the more therapeutic components of the change process.

I encourage you to listen to a clip of the CD that you are interested in. It will likely not be enough to determine how helpful the CD will be. If you find the sound of my voice irritating, it's probably not going to be that helpful.... continue your quest. However, if I pass the first hoop, go to the next level.

The content and process of the CDs arises from the learning and experience that I have acquired over the past 35 years of training and practice. Although the core of my training and practice is in Cognitive Behaviour Therapy, the more I practice, the more I realize that there is an underlying unifier to many of the approaches/tools that I have learned along the way. I myself meditate regularly, and find this to be one of the most important tools in maintaining my own mental health. I also either practice yoga or exercise daily, and this is another grounding force in my life. I studied hypnosis over twenty-five years ago, and use it as a tool with some of my clients (I myself learned to hypnotize myself as an eighteen year old, travelling on the trains through Europe; I was able to use that learning to overcome my dental phobia). I have studied Mindfulness, and have incorporated it into both my life and my practice with clients.

At the heart of all of these approaches is the process of getting in touch with your unconscious mind - the healthy part of 'you', the inner voice that, if listened to, can guide you to a healthier and happier state of well-being. Many of us ignore that inner voice at different points in our life, for a variety of reasons - we don't have time to sit back or quiet our mind for long enough to get in touch with that voice; we don't know how to shut everything else off; or, we put up a defensive network that overrides the inner voice (e.g., I know that what I really need is to do this, but somebody else thinks I should do that OR I just can't do this right now - I don't have the time or money or energy).

My CDs will teach you how to quiet your mind for long enough to access your inner strength. Each of the different CDs starts off with the same process - so don't be surprised if you try out two different CDs and they sound the same at the start. After your mind is quiet and you are in a focused state of mind, I then guide you in your journey to discover the process of change that will work for you. These CDs are not meant to take the place of therapy, if therapy is what you need. However, they will give you some tools to deal with the issues that they address, and they can be valuable in the process of self-actualizing - becoming the healthy and happy 'you' that you deserve to be.


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