Mind Matters Clinic is a team of clinical psychologists and social workers who are trained to assess and treat mental health conditions while empowering our clients to lead healthier and more fulfilling lives. We offer these therapy and assessment services for both adults and children. We offer individual therapy and psychological assessments for adults and children, as well as group therapy sessions focused on helping build skills to overcome challenges at home, in the classroom, and at work.

We aim to create a positive, supportive, and helpful space for our clients to explore the challenges that may be limiting their true potential. Our multidisciplinary clinicians draw from a wide array of therapeutic modalities that help clients better gain insight into the ways their thoughts, behaviours and feelings impact their overall functioning and well-being. Our clinicians can also help clients explore long standing interpersonal patterns that contribute to conflict and impede the healthy development of meaningful relationships.

We will work with you to help create positive change, promote resilience, and work through life's most difficult challenges.

Clinical Psychologists, Social Workers and Clinical Counsellors

Our team of mental health professionals are committed to helping you and your family overcome challenges and achieve your goals.

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